Grange DS4 Tray Sealer

Grange DS4 Tray Sealer

Bench Top Tray Sealer

The Grange DS4 Tray Sealer has recently been introduced to replace the popular DS2 model.

Being a handy bench top sealer, the DS4 Tray Sealer is perfect for sealing the standard 9×7 inch MAP plastic trays used in all butchers, supermarkets, fishmongers and delicatessens across Australia.

The DS4 Tray Sealer has a unique film cutting tool which seals and cuts the waste film from the tray at the same time. This will allow the user to quickly and easily produce sealed trays that can then be placed directly in refrigerated display cabinets, ready to be purchased by your customers.

We highly recommend using the Grange DS4 Tray Sealer alongside one of our label printing scales to produce a professionally printed label, complete with your own logo. This will enable you to produce the same quality finish as the large supermarket chains at a fraction of the cost


Find out more information on our tray sealer and compatible label printing scales:

DS4 Tray Sealer – RFE Australia

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