Electrolux Bermixer Commercial Stick Blender

Commercial Stick Mixer Australia

Electrolux Bermixer

Electrolux Bermixer

The Electrolux Bermixer Commercial Stick Blender is an innovation in food safety and hygiene. Designed for hospitals and aged care facilities, all models weigh less than 4kg, even the heavy duty 750 watt model.


The innovative shaft design allows for the entire shaft to be removed and disassembled without the use of tools. As you would expect from Electrolux, a company that manufactures commercial dishwashers, all removable parts are dishwasher safe. Gone are the days of food becoming trapped in the shaft due to damaged and worn shaft seals.

In addition to this the shafts are interchangeable, from a 350mm shaft all the way up to a     650mm shaft. With motor sizes from 350 watt up to 750 watt, all models are variable speed as standard, allowing for the optional whisk attachment if required.


Find out more information on our Electrolux Stick Mixers and our unbeatable 4 YEAR WARRANTY:

Electrolux Bermixer Stick Blenders

RFE Australia 4 Year Warranty

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