GRTJ Mincer

GRTJ22 Mincer

GRTJ Mincer

The GRTJ Mincer offers a machine for all budgets while still being capable of heavy duty tasks. A great range available from the GRTJ12 model (suited to front of house mincing on demand and small to medium restaurants) all the way up to the GRTJ32 3 phase mincer (capable of 320Kg per hour).

Unlike cheaper models with painted bodies, these models are made entirely of stainless steel. Supplied with two mincing plates and two knives, the units are ready to go to work.

All units run a gearbox containing hydraulic oil, compared to cheaper alternatives that run with grease, causing excessive noise and heat.

All models comply with SafeWork and Worksafe requirements and come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Find out more information and cost price here:

GRTJ Mincer – RFE Australia

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