LVA 100 Vegetable Washer & Dryer

Vegetable washer and dryer in one machine. The washing effect is obtained by combining basket rotation and water turbulence generated by a pump.

  • Integrated dispenser with liquid for sanitizing vegetables
  • 3 preset cycles according to the type of products
  • Advanced programmable model
  • Spray and/or immersion washing, depending on cycle
  • Efficient and easy to clean filtering system
  • Operator safety thanks to microswitch

EL40 (5Kg) & ELX65 (10Kg) Spin Dryers

Spin dryers ideal for drying lettuce, spinach, leeks, parsley, swiss chard and cabbage.

  • Very short drying time (1-2 minutes) preserves the flavour
  • Stainless steel construction guarantees hygiene
  • Waterproof touch button control panel