Slicer servicing and much much more.

4 Years Warranty / Lifetime Guarantee

Where you see a product with a “4 Year Warranty / Lifetime Guarantee” logo, this means that the product is backed by a Manufacturers Lifetime Guarantee on specific parts. We have confidence in our products and therefore you have peace of mind


Our experienced sales and service staff have combined over 100 years experience in the commercial food equipment sector

Spare Parts

Spare parts direct from europe means no middleman and with our own technicians to fit the parts, we are able to give an end to end service. Servicing Hobart, Robot Coupe, Noaw, Omas (Brice), Manconi (Brice),

Competitive Pricing

Direct from the manufacturer means no middle men, therefore no additional costs for you

Service & Support

Trained service technicians on staff in all capital cities. For hard to reach areas we have a network of skilled contractors

RFE extensive range of quality commercial food and kitchen equipment which includes: Commercial meat slicers and vegetable slicers, avery scales, blenders, food processors, portable and planetary mixers, vegetable peelers, washers and dryers, hamburger presses, bandsaws, wrappers, panini grills and  tray sealers from the brands you know and love such as Avery Scales, Electrolux, Grange and the RFE range.