GRPB 10L, 15L and 20L Grange Planetary Mixer

Commercial Planetary Mixer Australia

GRPB 20L Planetary Mixer


GRPB 10L 15L 20L Grange Planetary Mixer


The larger models in the Grange GRPB Planetary Mixer range are available in 10, 15 and 20 litre bowl sizes.


A three speed design covers all mixing tasks in a busy production kitchen, supplied with a whisk, beater and dough hook. All attachments and the bowl are constructed of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe.


All GRPB Planetary Mixer models have three safety micro switches as standard to protect your staff from injuring themselves, a bowl raising switch, a bowl mounting switch and a safety cage switch. The strong gear driven design, rather than the cheaper belt driven models on the market means this range of mixers will mix batches of dough between 2.5Kg and 5Kg in the larger models. 



Find out more information on our GRPB range of planetary mixers:

RFE – Grange Planetary Mixers


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