UNI300G Heavy Duty Gear Drive Slicer

Small Heavy Duty Gear Drive Slicer Australia

Uni 300G Gear Drive Slicer


UNI300G Heavy Duty Gear Drive Slicer

Gear drive slicers come in all shapes, sizes and more importantly budgets.

The RFE UNI300G Heavy Duty Gear Drive Slicer is a small footprint slicer, capable of matching the bigger 350mm blade models pound for pound!

Made in Italy, with a 375Kw motor driven by gear instead of belt, this model will make short work of harder products such as cheese, prosciutto, Serrano Ham and even small amounts of semi frozen products.

If you are tight on space the UNI300G is what you are looking for; its small footprint and low profile design makes it ideal for small counters or areas with shelving above the slicer. With a removable carriage that is the largest available on the market in a 300mm gear drive slicer, complete with waterproof switches that come with a lifetime guarantee, ensures this model cannot be overlooked.

With the cast iron RFE 4 year warranty and lifetime guarantee on switches, drive gears and sharpening stones, the UNI300G is a must for customers who require a heavy duty machine with small proportions.


Find out more information on our Uni300g and other gear drive slicers PLUS our un-matchable 4 Year Warranty:

RFE – Gear Drive Slicers

RFE Australia 4 Year Warranty

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